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Nienke Nina

Remote Work & The Digital Nomad Lifestyle

Nice to see you here. One of my favorite questions I like to ask is ‘if money wasn’t an obstacle, what would you be doing right now?’

I’ve been living abroad for 7 years and 4+ years as a digital nomad. This lifestyle taught me that collaborating and creating are my favorite things. I love to be surrounded by nature and read books about growth.

Throughout my journey, I experienced the digital nomad lifestyle as a freelancer, remote worker in several companies, and as and multi-passionate entrepreneur. 

My mission is to support the remote work community to live a lifestyle that brings happiness into all elements of life.  

I’m the founder of Digital Nomads Daily, the number one platform for digital nomads covering insights about traveling and remote working. I also host of The Digital Nomads Daily Podcast and interviewed dozens of digital nomads and entrepreneurs and talk about how to plan, build and sustain a successful digital nomad lifestyle. 

Remote is the future of how we design our life for many. It’s my mission to help people and companies feel more confident in their journey.

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Work From Anywhere With Confidence


Traveling the world and working from ANYWHERE?!

Yes, that’s what I have been doing for the past years and it has brought me so many enriching experiences.

But this lifestyle comes with its own challenges and I’ve been through many of them. After years of trial and error, I found ways to become more successful, although I am still learning every single day.

This might be something you’re interested in or perhaps your team members. Tossing all your stuff and taking a flight across the globe is the easy part. But how do you keep up with work, build new friendships and combine the adventures with the must-do’s?

This is what I am passionate about and I talk, write, and think about it every day.

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My New Book

Digital Nomads With Confidence answers 101 practical day-to-day questions about the digital nomad lifestyle. I interviewed 20+ digital nomad freelancers, remote workers and entrepreneurs. This book is your companion to travel and work from anywhere. 

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Interviewing experienced digital nomads from all walks of life is one of my favorite things I do. Enjoy a new episode every Wednesday and get behind-the-scenes tips about the digital nomad lifestyle.

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