I help organizations and individuals succeed in creating a sustainable and positive remote environment.

Quick Facts About Me:

Image of nienke nina founder digital nomads daily digital nomad lifestyle platform

✅ Living abroad for 7 years

✅ Digital Nomad for 4+ years

✅ Experienced various Digital Marketing roles as a freelancer & remote worker

✅ Currently founder of Digital Nomads Daily

✅ Podcast host of The Digital Nomads Daily Podcast

✅ Author of Digital Nomads With Confidence

My mission is to support the remote work community to live a lifestyle that brings happiness into all elements of life.

I talk about the digital nomad lifestyle, remote work and remote team collaboration

Learn more about living the digital nomad lifestyle with confidence and succeed in remote work.

How we can create impact together

Consultation: Pick my brain for 40-minutes

During this 40-minute consultation you can pick my brain about remote work and insights about the digital nomad lifestyle.

Duration: 40 minutes

Location: Google Meets

Investement: 149

Prior to our session, you will fill out a short form to define what we will cover. This session does not include strategy and implementation. You will receive the recording and summary of our session within 48 hours.

Partner up with my team to execute your vision

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